This one is a prank on everyone in the room, you can even prank your leaders and don’t tell them about the secret ending. Picking the right crazy guy is key for this game. You pick three guys out of the room. Prep one of them prior to club and have him place crazy boxers over his soccer shorts. Bring in one at a time into room and place under a large blanket. Then you say “Take of something you don’t need” they take off belt, you repeat “is that it?” the ones not in the game will take off shirt, shoes etc. The “Thing” they don’t need is the blanket. so after each one you say “You were supposed to take off blanket! you don’t need that!”

Use your plant for the last one, tell him to ham it up and have on pants over his crazy boxers and after about 2 items like belt, shirt, he throws pants out from under blanket and everyone is freaking out, then you act like you are freaking out and say “NO YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TAKE OFF THE BLANKET!!” and of course he stands up and says “OKAY!” while you are screaming “”NOOO!” and throws off blanket much to the shock of everyone in the room. High five the guy. Great laugh and classic Young Life game!

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