Here are 3 version of this game

1. Blindfold a guy and girl and have a squirt gun fight. Before you start, remove the girl’s blindfold.

2. Another version of this is having each person holding a candle and a clear cup of water.

You need a lighter



Water gun – not a good one, just a crappy one that is hard to squeeze. You don’t want a super soaker!

So it’s a race to drink cup of water, the catch is you can only drink while your candle is lit. so they sit across from each other trying to drink, while squirting opponents candle out, once it goes out they have to put down cup, relight candle, then they can drink.

If you want to mess with guy, give girls candle that doesn’t go out 🙂

3. The Good The Bad The Ugly Squirt Gun Game same as version 2, just have a table and 3 people at it to make it more challenging!

Fun Game Ideas

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