The Pursuit of Man

The Pursuit of Man is a devotional for anyone wanting to know more about the character of God.  This devotional helps you get into God’s word and enjoy your time with God.  This is the first volume in the series that looks at the real lives of the people in the book of Genesis and how God interacted with them.  The Bible is God’s story of how He loves us and in is intimately involved in our lives and has been since the beginning of time.  This is a fun journey through scripture and will help you apply God’s Word to your life as you watch God’s plan of redemption unfold.

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“Sometimes we can know a story so well that we tend to focus on events rather than on the people around whom those events occur. While the events are important, of course, we cannot know their full importance if we do not understand those involved. In The Pursuit of Man: A Fun Journey through God’s Word, Revealing the Evidence of God’s Pursuit of Us, author Matthew Rings explores the lives of people in the book of Genesis. He offers ways to block out memories of what happens next and read each chapter of Genesis with a fresh set of eyes. This allows for a closer focus on how God moves in his people’s lives. Those who may have once been thought of as characters can become real people with real lives. The Bible is God’s story of how he loves us and how he is intimately involved in our lives. The Pursuit of Man seeks to help us apply God’s Word to our lives. Savor the atmosphere, lives, culture, customs, and geography of God’s people of Genesis. Watch and see how God’s plan of redemption explodes off the pages as God pursues his people. ”

About the Author

After 20 years as a youth pastor Matthew Rings uses his creative talents to connect Columbia businesses to the next generation “Social Media Driven Consumer.” Matthew is the Author of several books including The Pursuit of Man: Genesis  – D.C. 4 TeensIn God We Trust? & Kauai Tips Tricks & SecretsHe is married to Tammy Rings and has 2 awesome daughters

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First published by CrossBooks 09/14/2012

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