Have you ever been cooking something like Mac-n-cheese, you’re watching something good on TV or playing a video game, and you are going “back and forth” from the kitchen to your show. But then the show gets interesting and you go “forth” from the kitchen, but you forget to go “back.” You’re engaged in your show and then 20 min later you remember you were cooking something and run back to the kitchen to find your delicious Mac-n-cheese is now crusty and burnt. You forgot to remember! I do it all the time. I was gonna try to take those vitamins, I can’t remember the name of them that help you remember stuff, but I couldn’t remember to take them . . . wait, where am I? Who are you?? And why are you reading my memoirs??? Oh wait, now I remember, sorry I forgot what I was doing for a second. Anyway, fortunately chapter 8 begins with great words of encouragement! “God remembered.” God isn’t off making a new galaxy or watching his 72 billion mile wide screen TV, He is every present in the lives of those He loves. He remembers. Always! Genesis tells us God remembered Noah and all the animals, how awesome is that! I don’t know what tough stuff you have been through lately but for me to know my God remembers me is huge.

I haven’t been through a worldwide apocalyptic flood to understand the depths of Noah and his families fear together, but I have been through some “deep waters” of life and they were hard. As the great theologian Bono once said “I was drowning my sorrow, but my sorrows, they learned to swim.”

I don’t know if you have ever felt that way, but life can be tough. I have been in that dark place where it felt like the world was coming to an end and the thing that sustained me and will sustain you is the same thing that kept Noah afloat. God remembered Noah, He remembers me in my time of despair, and the millions of others before and after me and He remembers you. Rest assured in the knowledge that our God is not forgetful.

A lot of people mistakenly think this ordeal was 40 days of rain and then it was all over. 40 days of rain is nothing! It rains 154 days a year in Seattle every year. Look at chapter 8 verses 13-14 it tells us they were on this boat for a year! The springs and heavy rains all attributed to the massive flood. So this whole ordeal of building the boat and gathering animals, waiting for the rain, and waiting for God to draw back the waters was about 1 year according to my calculations. Which even according to my dog year theory, 7 years of tough times is a long time. *((BTW Don’t freak out about the whole dog years thing, it’s just for fun and not meant to be a factual biblically accurate philosophy.)) I say all that to help you step back from the hard stuff you might be struggling with to see it from a “doves eye view” (8:6-12). God knows the flood that has consumed you; he is able to draw the waters down. He alone will provide for your physical, emotional and spiritual needs through the deep floods of your life. He will bring you back to dryland don’t give up hope. (BTW if you ever need someone to pray for you, email me and I will pray with you through your flood matthewrings@gmail.com)

I love verse 20! You know all throughout this ordeal Noah was praying, talking to God, and as soon as he steps off the boat he builds an altar to worship the God who sustained him. God makes a covenant with Himself in 21 that even though we are sinful from birth God will love us, protect us, and not destroy us.

DBL07What is something hard that God is asking you to do?

How can God’s faithfulness to remember Noah be an encouragement to you?