Why theme clubs?
- invite tool
- gets attention & can add to mtg. anticipation
- makes that meeting unique
- sets tone for mtg.
- next day it is talked about
- speaks excellence (planning and thought went into it)
- can add to talk examples
Possible drawbacks to theme events
- kids don’t dress up
- specific theme not being culturally relevant
- theme is exclusive rather than inclusive
- specific theme does not set desired tone for proclamation.
What makes theme events work:
- Kids need to know the theme of the upcoming club
- Leaders need to be into it 110% (dressed for theme)
- Music sets the tone (either sung or played on cd)

Included below are theme names followed by possible activities for that club. Use your creativity to add more. Some of the themes have many activities listed, this makes it possible to do the same theme each year and not repeat the same activities. When Planning theme clubs you can make almost anything fit the theme if you are creative.
Mission Impossible (club event)
Fugitive Club
Fugitive Hunt (club event)

Great Race Club aka Amazing Race
Great Race (club event)

Kidnap Club
Kidnap (club event)

Great Mattress Race Club
Great Mattress Race (club event)

Sandwich Club
Sandwich Scavenger (club event)

Photo Club
Photo Scavenger Hunt (club event)
Camera Cram (mixer)

Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt Club
Pay Phone Scavenger Hunt (club event)

Leader Hunt Club
Leader Hunt (club event)
Leader Trivia (mixer)

Pool Hop Club
Pool Hop (club event)

Hot Dog Club
Hot Dog Lengths (club event)
Pass the Hotdog (mixer)
Hot Dog Basketball (up front game)

Wild West Club
Cow Rodeo (up front game)
Dress Up Relay (mixer)
Quick Draw (mixer)
Trust Circle – Bronco Ride (mixer)
Cowboy King (up front game)
Loudest Moo (up front game)

Swing (40’s) Club
Toe Fencing (mixer)
Pull Up (mixer)

50’s Club
Hula Hoop Chain (mixer)

Peace & Love (60’s) Club
This theme is made by the clothes and the music.

Disco (70’s) Club
Balloon Speed Dressing (up front game)
Celebration / Marshmallow / Soda (up front game)
Flour Swing (up front game)

80’s Club
This theme is made by the clothes and the music.

Christmas Club
Christmas Carol Contest (club event)
Christmas Gift Exchange (mixer)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Mad Lib (mixer)
Snowless Snowball Fight (mixer)
Human Christmas Tree & Gift (mixer)
Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt (club event)
Christmas Carol Quiz (mixer)

Halloween Club
Jigsaw Jack-o’-Lanterns (mixer)
Pumpkin Bowling (mixer)
Mummy Wrap (up front game)

Easter Club or Egg Club
Armenian Egg Crush (mixer)
Egg Designs (mixer)
Plastic Egg Hunt (mixer)
Egg Beat (up front game)
Egg Blow (up front game)
Egg Drop Or Toothpaste Drop (up front game)
Egg Obstacle Course (up front game)
Egg Roulette (up front game)

Homecoming Yams Club
Homecoming Yams (club event)

Love Club
Boy Relay (mixer)
Cinderfella (mixer)
Honey, If You Love Me (mixer)
Balloon Pop Hug (up front game)
Cupid Hunt (up front game)

Battle of Sexes Club
Battle of the Sexes (club event)
Pull Apart (mixer)
Pull-Up (mixer)
Dateline (up front game)

Birthday Club
Face Cake Decorating (up front game)
Ping Pong Ball Party Blower (up front game)
Kleenex Party Horn (up front game)

Krispy Kreme Club
Donuts and Licorice (up front game)
Donut Dip (up front game)
Donut Nose Roll (up front game)
Donut Eating (up front game)
Donut Popsicle Stick (mixer)

Lifesaver Club
Lifesaver Toothpick (mixer)
Lick and Stick (up front game)
Peanut Butter Lifesaver Hop (up front game)

Cheese Club
Cheese Dishes (mixer)
Cheetos Face (up front game)

Gum Club
Gum Relay (mixer)
Gum Sculpture (mixer)
Gum Race (up front game)

Bannana Club
Banana Stuff (up front game)
Bobbing for Bananas (up front game)
No Thumb Banana Peal (up front game)
Neck Passing Relay (mixer)

Cookie Club
Oreo Plexiglass (up front game)
Cookie Hockey (mixer)
Cookie Tower (up front game)

Marshmellow Club
Marshmallow Necklace (up front game)
Swinging Marshmallow (up front game)

Chocolate Club
Chocolate Bar Scramble (mixer)
M&M Training (up front game)
Snicker Trivia (mixer)
Candy Teams (mixer)

Fish Club
Hootie & The Blowfish (mixer)
Bobbing for Worms (up front game)
Gold Fish – Cup Head (up front game)
Gummy Worm Fishing (up front game)

Family Fued Club
Family Feud (club event)

Karaoke Club
Karoake (club event)

Olympic Club
Young Life Olympics (club event)

Pool Party / BBQ
Pool Party / BBQ (club event)

Bingo Club
At the start of club each person gets a bingo card and a pencil. Have a leader call out #’s and letters throughout the night at random times. Have prizes of “bingo” & “blackout”.

Balloon Club
Balloon at your back (mixer)
Balloon Contest (mixer)
Balloon Gauntlet (mixer)
Balloon Golf (mixer)
Balloon Pop Relay (mixer)
Balloon Announcements (up front game)
Balloon Burst (up front game)
Balloon Face To Face Relay (up front game)
Balloon Biting (up front game)
Balloon Shaving (up front game)
Balloon Sweats (up front game)
Balloon Triathlon (up front game)

Last Straw Club
Q-tip & Straw War (mixer)
Q-tip and Food Coloring Wars (mixer)
Kleenex & Straws (mixer)

Clothespin Club
Clothespin bite relay (mixer)
Clothespin Tag (mixer)
Clothespins On Face (up front game)

Spoon Club
Have kids bring a spoon to club
Spoons Card Game (mixer)
Finish with ice cream served in a 12 foot clean rain gutter.

Money Club
Money Elbows (mixer)
Pays to Make Friends (mixer)
Take the Coin (mixer)
Thousand Dollar Bill Exchange (mixer)
Steal the Treasure (mixer)
Diving For Dollars (up front game)
Dollar Jump (up front game)
Funnel Penny Gag (up front game)
Money Where Your Mouth Is (up front game)

Wild Hat Club
Musical Hats (up front game)

Paper Club
Newspaper Gossip (mixer)
Newspaper Hunt (mixer)
Newspaper Towers (mixer)
Paper Glen (mixer)

Space Club
Balloon Rockets (mixer)

Caveman Club
Bugga Bugga Boo (up front game)
Draw A Duck (up front game)

Surfer Club or Beach Club
Islands (mixer)
Limbo (mixer)
Poor Man’s Beach Ball Volleyball (mixer)
Volley Points Volleyball (mixer)
Hawaiian Punch (up front game)
Surfing Lessons (up front game)

Ski Club
Ski Lessons (up front game)

Sports Club
Blind Rope Jump (up front game)

Race Car Club
Tube Jump Through (mixer)
Steal the bacon – Tubal Injury (mixer)
Tubal Tug (up front game)
Tube Tug-a-War (up front game)

X-Games Club
Trust Fall (mixer)
Trust Lift (mixer)
Back Break (up front game)
Balloon T-shirt Stuff (up front game)
Checker Push-Up (up front game)
Human Bowling (up front game)

Baby Club
Baby Bottle Burp (up front game)

Movie Club
Movie Trivia (mixer)

Camp Promo Club
Focus of this club is to promote camp.

Mexico Club or Burrito Club
Burrito Races (mixer)
Chubby Chihuahuas (up front game)
Churro Eating Contest (up front game)
Human Pinata (up front game)
Musical Burrito Hat Dance (up front game)

Music Video Club
Music Video (up front game)

Other Themes That Might Work…
Game Show Club
Cartoon Club
Circus Club
Stuffed Animal Club
Baseball Club