God had been busy @ work for 6 days and he was slap wore out and He had to take a break.  Seriously?? Have you ever been so exhausted after making a diorama you had to take a whole day to recoup? Come on man, they aren’t that hard! God wasn’t exhausted and didn’t need a break.  He simply rested to model for us a pattern of work and rest. A healthy combo we have a real hard time balancing in our lives.  Workaholic is a way of life for adults and especially teenagers today.  Teenagers are juggling sports, grades, kung fu music lessons (they are so short on time they have to mix the two) not mention church, family and friends.  We need a rest!  We need to stop all our craziness for one day and simply be still.

God models this concept of rest here for us in Gen 2:1-3 and later makes it part of his top 10 list to make sure we see the importance of resting.

  The rest of the chapter is telling us some of the details of what God did in creation back in Gen 1. 2:18-20 always cracks me up! God made all the animals and they each had a mate, but Adam was alone and this is the first time we see God say something was not good.  This is one of those passages you can easily skim over and miss is you aren’t paying attention to the details.  But if you read this paragraph in its context there is something funny going on.  I’m pretty sure God was messing with Adam here and having some fun.  So imagine with me the context, man is alone, needs a mate and then God begins to bring the animals He created to Adam to name/ look for a mate.

  So God gets out his play-doh and begins making things.  He makes something about 17 feet tall with 6 foot long legs and about a 6 foot long neck.  God brings this creature to Adam and he says “Aaaa, what-da-ya think?” And Adam looks with his eyebrows raised and says “yeah, I don’t think that’s going to work out, let’s just call that one a giraffe” And God says “Ok, fair enough, let’s try this one.  Next up let’s try something a little smaller, here’s a few spiky things to make it fun.”  And Adam crinkles up his nose and says “yeah that’s definitely not going to work, let me just call that one a porcupine” And on and on each new animal went by and nada. The context of Adam being alone in the beginning of this paragraph down to vs… 20 that says there was still no helper just right for him.

A lot of people look at vs. 19-20 as separate and it was just Adam naming all the animals, but it was God bringing animals by to see if Adam could find a date! (For those of you still dating/ waiting to find a perfect mate I know you can relate to the platypus and porcupines that you come across in the whole dating scene 🙂

So after the zoo parade God knocks Adam out and makes him a beautiful woman.  As Adam wakes up and his eyes come into focus from the anesthesia he sees before him a beautiful naked creature and his response was “Whoa Man! I’ll take one please! She will be called woman”

RANDOM THOUGHT Verse 25 is one of my favorite verses to write on the back of my friend’s car windshield with shoe polish at their wedding day. Feel free to use that at your next friend’s wedding.


Since you are made in God’s image, how does your life reflect Him?

How does the fact that people are made in God’s image affect the way you feel about yourself?