Played like Newspaper Name Nail with a few changes. Everyone is to learn the names of the persons to their left and right. Zip means left and Zap means right. The person in the middle says a persons name and either Zip or Zap. The person called must say the name of the person to their right or left, depending on what the person in the middle said, Zip or Zap. The person in the middle tries to bop them on the head with the newspaper before they can say it. This is a pretty stupid game- but some kids actually like it- try it and if it doesn’t work right aways have a back up.

“It” yells out a fruit name. Everyone with that name must exchange seats with someone else with that name. “It” tries to take one of the empty chairs before they are all taken. Whoever is left without a chair is “It”.

Rather than yelling a fruit name, “It” may yell “Fruit Basket Upset.” Everyone must change seats.

Variation: “It” may yell more than one fruit at a time. This gets more people up and moving.